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Why Choose Kallen Web Design?

  • Your web site will have a professional, creative, unique design.

  • You will receive the personal attention of our award winning lead designer.

  • Web design is all we do - it is our full time business - not a weekend hobby

  • You do not have to know anything about websites or web design to work with us. We ask the right questions and help you make the right choices.

  • No one makes it easier to have a quality website online bringing in new business.

  • You will receive the highest quality website for a great price.

  • We work "half days" - 9am to 9pm, six days a week if needed. We work with your schedule.

  • We take on only 1 to 3 new projects each month - your project gets our full attention.

  • NO hidden costs - you know all the costs before we start work.

  • You will have NO monthly or annual maintenance fees.

  • You can maintain your website, or we can do it for you - whatever works best for you.

  • Most sites can be completed in two weeks if needed (most take longer though)

  • You will receive wise advice about what to put on your site.

  • Your site can make a small company look like a BIG company.

  • Your site will be easy for your visitors to use.

  • You will receive more contacts and more business because of your site's quality, high google rankings, and the ease of finding your contact info.

  • We offer very inexpensive site hosting as a service to our clients.

  • Our sites all include a hit tracker to show what your visitors are clicking on or searching for to find your site.

  • Our prices include FULL Search Engine Optimization to get you high on Google search.

  • We include your page on our portfolio to bring you higher google rankings (most sites).

  • Every one of our customers has been completely satisfied - you will be too!

Please take 30 seconds to contact us to discuss your thoughts and ideas - No obligation and it is never an imposition. Websites are all we do, and if we are not the best resource for you, we'll help you find the company that is. You'll quickly see why several dozen companies have chosen to work with Kallen Web Design!

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